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Randy Anderson

Randy Anderson grows corn, soybeans and wheat on his farm near Galatia. He also operates a small cow/calf herd.


Harvest picking up steam but not full throttle yet. Most April corn out. May is still in the 20’s. Yields are still holding up in May corn. Beans are starting to disappear, and yields have been good. But I'm afraid the early beans will be the best ones because the later varieties did not get rain at pod fill like we normally get in early September.


Started shelling corn last week. Yields are really variable this year. From way below average to above in the same pass. More so than usual. Stalk quality is poor from the stress in July. Our beans are starting to take it on the chin. Not had a real good rain in a month. A few more fields of beans are getting closer, but still out a week or so yet.


As I typed this report Thursday evening, I watched the radar and hoped the tropical storm gives us some rain. Beans need 2 inches in the worst way. Some corn would benefit, but not much. Some combines started rolling last week on early April corn. Moisture I heard is running in the mid-20s. Yields are all over. A few group 2.8 beans have been cut, and they are in the 40s. I plan on starting after Labor Day.


What a pleasant few weeks we have had with these temps. Feels more like September than the dog days of August. Received some scattered showers, but they were very spotty. Corn and beans especially need a good rain. The one thing I see with this crop is variability.