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Sangamon County

Jimmy Ayers

Jimmy Ayers raises corn and soybeans on his farm near New City, which is five miles south of Rochester.


As I write this report, we are looking at snow. It has been a challenging year with a lot of ups and downs. Bean yields are probably 10 to 15 bushels above expectations. Corn yields were probably 15 to 30 over. There were some pockets that weren’t quite as fortunate. Apparently, profitability this year will be tied to early sales. A lot of fieldwork has been completed. There's still some anhydrous and fertilization to be done. There are a few crops in the field. The area is probably leaning more towards a little more corn planted next year. I certainly hope you have a great winter and plans for next year's crop go well.


We had kind of as slow week on the farm. We had an inch of rain Oct. 25-27. We have had an inch and a half of rain since then. Harvest is nearly completed. The majority of the field work is done. Fertilizer is being applied. Some of the cover crops have started to emerge. Farmers are trying to figure out their year-end, get their taxes headed in the right direction and put equipment away.


We had a tremendous week of productivity. There's been fertilizer and lime put on, ground chiseled and a lot of cover crops planted. Very few fields are left. Overall, a pretty good year at this point in time. Looking forward to a little rain to get a break here during the weekend.


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