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Jimmy Ayers

Jimmy Ayers raises corn and soybeans on his farm near New City, which is five miles south of Rochester.


We received .6 of an inch of rain last week. It slowed activities down. Fieldwork was wrapping up in a lot of places. For the most part, we are probably 99 percent done. Early-planted beans seemed to yield much better. Overall, corn was better than anticipated. Replanted corn in areas was better than the first-planted corn. Prices have gone down to where your average revenue per acre is about the same as anticipated, even though the higher yields have offset some of that. Planning for next year. Certainly hope everybody has a great winter.


No report


We had a few days cutting beans. A lot of fieldwork being done. Corn is probably 95 percent complete, and beans are similar. Corn and beans both seem to be better than expected. Anhydrous started flowing on the farms that utilize it. We certainly hope they are all putting a stabilizer with it this time of year.


It rained off and on. Soils are heavy. Beans are pretty much wrapped up. There is probably 5 to 10 percent scattered around. Five to 20 percent of the corn is left. Quite a few operations have finished harvest. A lot of soil is being worked with fertilizer being put on. Seems to be a few more cover crops seeded in the area than in the past. Yieldwise, beans have been above average. It’s hard to believe with the lack of rain in August and September. Corn still has quite a bit of variability. Low-lying areas have some poor yields, and some of the replant was actually better than our first planting in spots. You still want to be careful out there. People are getting accustomed to equipment on the road, but it’s always our job to be safe.