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Jimmy Ayers

Jimmy Ayers raises corn and soybeans on his farm near New City, which is five miles south of Rochester.


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Last week, we received a couple tenths to an inch of rain. The majority of the corn is tasseling. Beans look really good. Airplanes have been flying pretty heavily, mostly fungicide being applied to corn. Some bean fields have also been sprayed. Prices have sure taken a hit.


Last week, we got an inch of rain at our place in two events. Corn is looking really good. Most of it's silking. About 60 percent of the corn is tasseling. Beans are blooming and look pretty good. The 30-inch rows still haven’t closed yet. We are putting a foliar application on for Japanese beetles. Planes started flying Thursday. A little bit of hay was baled.


Last week, we had anywhere from .2 to 1.6 inches of rain. Beans are blooming and looking good. Moisture has changed our crops considerably. Corn is beginning to tassle. Rivers and streams are about to get back into their banks. Not quite as much crop lost as we had anticipated. As you’re driving in the country, slow down and watch the crossroads. Tall corn makes crossroads dangerous.