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Sangamon County

Jimmy Ayers

Jimmy Ayers raises corn and soybeans on his farm near New City, which is five miles south of Rochester.


Last week was a little bit drier than we’ve had in the past. Quite a bit of planting activity got going. It was a little too windy on several days to spray. We had some extremely high winds that closed interstates from dust blowing. Rain is forecast during the weekend. Corn is pretty well wrapped up, and a lot of beans are in the ground.


We received .5 of an inch of rain Wednesday. There was .4 to .7 of an inch across the area. Sprayers made it out, but there was no new planting that I’m aware of. The rain was quite a relief. Corn and beans were struggling to get out, but beans are still not showing up. Their fate is unknown at this time. There was some corn leafing underground in the county. A little bit of mowing or roadsides and checking the crops.


Last week, we changed our course for the spring. We traded in our tractors, planters, sprayers and field cultivators for rubber boots, spades, shovels. Even jon boats could be used on many of our fields. We’ve had more than 7 inches in eight days. Even the flat fields suffered a lot of ponding. On top of that, we added winter coats back into the mix. Planted corn is struggling. We’ve seen one field of beans that has come up. Drastic change for the spring weather pattern in our area. Our thoughts are with all of those that are suffering big floods.


Had about 1 inch of rain Wednesday that brought things to a halt. There has been a tremendous amount of corn planted. Several operations got started on beans. Some in earnest and some just wanting to get a few in the ground. Staring down 4 or 5 inches of rain this weekend (April 29-30). It was a pretty good week until the rain shut us off.