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Sangamon County

Jimmy Ayers

Jimmy Ayers raises corn and soybeans on his farm near New City, which is five miles south of Rochester.


We had another dry week in the area. The landscape is changing at a rapid pace. A lot of corn is being shelled. Very little under 20 percent, 22, 25. Near-record high temperatures helped dry down quite a bit. Beans planted ahead of the rain are being harvested at a very fast pace. Last week, we lost farmer Don Skinner of Pawnee. He farmed in a wheelchair for probably 40 years. He’s helped a lot of other farmers overcome their disabilities. He’s going to be missed as his drive and determination were unmatched.


Another week with no rain. We are fortunate enough to be on the drought map. A lot of Sangamon County has been pretty dry. There have been a few beans cut in the area. I’m hearing anything from 50 to high 60s. The corn has a bigger spread than that. There have been some plots taken out and some early-corn shelled, but not any significant acres harvested, yet. Kind of hard to dry $3.30 corn. Corn is running anywhere from 120 to near 300 bushels per acre. There is a big spread. I don’t know if it has to do with the wet spring we had. There is some concern that all this dryness may lead to extreme wetness as harvest takes off. We ended up seeding aerial rye over corn and beans last week in some fields. We are fortunate enough to have Luke Bryan’s farm tour at our place. We are preparing fields for that concert on Oct. 6.


Last week, we received no rain. A lot of concern that the crops are not maturing nearly as fast. As cool as it has been, the corn is not really drying down much. The plants are changing color. Very few beans have been cut in the area. Most of them are still holding on to the green cast. Probably 15 to 20 percent of the fields are yellowing. The cooler weather has slowed everything up. A lot of concerns of not having any rain for the bean crop. Sangamon County is really dry.


We received .6 of an inch of rain last week. It was awful spotty. There are a lot of areas that are extremely dry, while some areas are doing rather well. Crops have slowed up their maturity. Corn doesn’t seem to be coming around very fast, and beans haven’t matured as quickly as most would think. Some fields are yellowing. Combines have been rolling for nearly two weeks in spotty locations. Not a lot of activity at this point in time. I’m hearing moisture is high 20s or 30s. No yield information available that I’m aware of. Quite a few roadsides being mowed.