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Jimmy Ayers

Jimmy Ayers raises corn and soybeans on his farm near New City, which is five miles south of Rochester.


We had a tremendous week of productivity. There's been fertilizer and lime put on, ground chiseled and a lot of cover crops planted. Very few fields are left. Overall, a pretty good year at this point in time. Looking forward to a little rain to get a break here during the weekend.


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We had anywhere from 1 to 4 inches last week. The majority of corn and beans have been harvested. There's still some fields to be harvested, so it's not over yet by any means. The moisture slowed most activity down. Some guys shelled corn and created ruts. Frost came Friday morning.


A tremendous amount of crop was removed from the fields last week. Yields are still remaining higher than expected, probably 10 percent above normal production. Fieldwork began with quite a bit of cornstalks chiseled. Guys have mainly been focused on beans. There are several farms finished with bean harvest, leaving the corn for a little later. Corn is brittle, and standability will be an issue if really bad weather occurs. Overall, I think most farmers have been pleased with the fall, other than price. That's been a tough pill to swallow and not sure how long we will have to deal with that. Stay safe.