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Sangamon County

Jimmy Ayers

Jimmy Ayers raises corn and soybeans on his farm near New City, which is five miles south of Rochester.


Last week, we had anywhere from .2 to 1.6 inches of rain. Beans are blooming and looking good. Moisture has changed our crops considerably. Corn is beginning to tassle. Rivers and streams are about to get back into their banks. Not quite as much crop lost as we had anticipated. As you’re driving in the country, slow down and watch the crossroads. Tall corn makes crossroads dangerous.


We were extremely dry until we got 2 to 9 inches across the county Saturday through Monday (June 9-11). The north and west side were the 2-inch areas and the majority of the county received between 5 and 7 inches of rain. Rain makes grain, and we can all see that the markets are reacting to that. Otherwise, creeks and streams flooded some acres. The upland corn and beans look really good. The second pass of spraying beans is over half complete.


Last week we didn't receive any rain. It was fairly hot and dry. Corn is starting to roll up and show signs of dryness. Beans are looking fairly good. Most of the beans have been sprayed. There are more brown beans this year than there have been in the past. We're taking a little different chemical route.


Last week, we received three shots of rain at our place, .4, .4 and .9. Across the county, the range was from .3 to more than 2.5 inches. The ground was rather dry before these rains. Crops have responded well with an extreme amount of growth. There were a few fields where the rows shaded together on corn. Most of the beans are in. The corn is pretty well sprayed. Several have started spraying beans. Last week, we had two days of record-high temperatures and the month has exceeded all highs for record-average temperature.