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Doug Uphoff

Doug Uphoff farms between Shelbyville and Findlay, raising corn and soybeans.


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We’ve had 1.3 inches of rain this month. Sprayed some corn with fungicide last week, but only a small percentage. It was showing early signs of gray leaf spot. Scouted quite a bit of corn, and it’s the only variety I found with any disease pressure so far. Sweet corn is getting close to being ready. Beans are looking much better, but weed escapes are noticeable, especially where the water shortened up the bean canopy. Elliott has been hauling lime, and I’ve been getting the corn head taken apart to rebuild and repair. Had the combine inspected and we’re doing repairs on it also. Grass is still growing, so lots of mowing going on. Have a safe week!


Rain last week totaled .47 of an inch. Corn is fully tasseled and pollinating. The corn I have scouted so far shows no disease pressure, which surprises me with the rain we’ve had. Beans are still yellow in a lot of places where the water can’t get away, but seem to have grown. I have noticed the ones that look good are blooming. Haven’t noticed any wheat getting cut around here yet, but the soil is still pretty wet. Have a safe week and enjoy our Independence Day!


Rain and more rain. We had 9.74 inches this month and had more than 5 inches last month. Beans are taking it on the chin, both in the field and in the pit with tariffs kicking in. I’ve never seen a trade war work in my days of farming. Saw my first tassel on the first day of summer. Corn looks good from the road, but plants in the wet holes are falling over and dying from excess moisture as are the beans. Fortunately, we had all our beans sprayed ahead of the rain, so weed control looks great. Beans have quit growing and are just trying to survive at this point. Be safe out there and have a good week!