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Shelby County

Doug Uphoff

Doug Uphoff farms between Shelbyville and Findlay, raising corn and soybeans.


Shelby County received anywhere from .5 of an inch to 5 inches of rain. Reworked a waterway and put wheat in it. Fortunately, it didn't get the 5 inches of rain, just .5 of an inch. A million-dollar rain in places, but still quite a few missed the rain from what I'm hearing. Crops are still spotty around the county. We had our April beans sprayed just ahead of the rain, and I'm sure it was on long enough for it to work. May actually get to skip mowing this weekend since it had been so dry. Quite a bit of grass was put up in round bales, and some wheat was cut. Yields I heard on some were around 87. I would like to thank Tim Richards and Terry Fur for helping with the waterway. Thanks for the supplies and equipment. Nothing beats the farm community. Thanks for reading and commenting, and please be safe out there!


Well, planting is finally finished, and the rain has shut off as most farmers figured it would. The last beans we planted are up if they were put into moisture. There are a few spotty fields, but for the most part, there is a pretty good stand. Last week, a small area north and east of Findlay had 1.5 inches of rain Sunday, but we only had a trace. Most, if not all, of the corn has had nitrogen applied. Most beans have been sprayed. Some that were worked only once before planting are pretty weedy. We ended up working everything twice that was planted last, and I'm glad we did. Corn spots we replanted are up, but time will tell if it amounts to much. We replanted two fields, and they emerged very well, but are about a month and half behind. The warm weather is helping the corn catch up, but is also showing signs of stress in afternoon heat. The cool evenings are helping it recover, and dry weather is helping it set roots deeper. There is talk of wheat being ready this week or next. Have a safe week, and be careful out there.


Finishing replant corn and beans. Sidedressed liquid UAN and post-sprayed some corn. Early corn looks great, but later corn not so much. Have a great week and be safe out there!


While there are a few good fields of corn in some sections of the county, the bad definitely outweighs the good. Whatever we planted in the middle of April looks great, if not awesome, but the rest looks like, for the lack of a better term, poo!! We are not going to have even close to an average crop unless things turn around pretty quick. We can't get corn replanted because the ponds either have water in them or are too wet. Beans we planted last week are cracking the ground, and the beans we planted in April look fair to average at best. Some are sidedressing corn with 28 and NH3, but it's still plenty wet in the low areas. We have a few beans that need planted and a lot of corn that needs either replanted or spotted in.