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Shelby County

Doug Uphoff

Doug Uphoff farms between Shelbyville and Findlay, raising corn and soybeans.


We have finished harvest! Some groundwork going on around here, and most have finished beans. Have a safe week! Blessed to have had another bountiful harvest with my dad, Duane, my son, Elliott, and neighbor, Kevin!


We received 3.3 inches of rain last week, which slowed harvest down. Corn moisture is hanging around 17 to 18 percent, so we had to transfer corn to make room in the dryer bins. We are about 50 percent done with corn, and beans are finished. Have a safe week out there! No fieldwork has been done yet here because we were waiting on moisture.


Received 2.8 inches of rain. Finished beans last Wednesday. Heard reports of up to 4 inches in Shelby County. Corn moisture has been below 15 in places.


Bean harvest is moving along rapidly. Yields of May-planted beans have fallen off 10 to 15 bushels an acre, and soil type has determined yield on corn for the most part, with timber soils 30 to 40 percent less. Harvest has pressured bean prices quite a bit, taking 30 to 40 cents of the price away. Stay safe and have a great week. Heard of one combine fire and a few field fires. It's as dry as I’ve ever seen it this time of year. Keeping the residue blown of your combine should be part of your daily maintenance!