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Shelby County

Doug Uphoff

Doug Uphoff farms between Shelbyville and Findlay, raising corn and soybeans.


Started harvesting corn Sept. 11 and tried to start beans on the 18th. Beans started cutting nice on the 20th when I should have started. Corn was coming out between 19.5-22 percent on 110-day corn. Yields are impressive for no more rain than we have had since July. I cannot believe how bad the deer damage is this year on beans and corn anywhere close to timber. Definitely too dry here to get a chisel plow in the ground, but we have been chopping stalks to prepare for that. Have a good week and be safe out there!


Dry, really dry. Soybeans are dying, not maturing from what I can tell. Tried some corn. It was from 27 to 23 percent. Quality seemed decent, but definitely won't be a record setter or anywhere near profitable at these price levels. I've heard of one bean yield, and it was 50. Have a safe week.


No measurable rainfall, while the Houston area is having more than they want. Those poor people will take months if not years to recover from the damage down there. We have beans dying from lack of moisture. April corn is black layering but overall still too wet to pick, although there are dead spots in the field where I'm sure it's dry enough. Spent one day at Farm Progress. I was told vendors were down and it seemed like crowds were not as big as usual. Have a safe week. Corn prices went up 12 cents after all the delayed price corn was sold the last of the month.


My niece and her fiancé had a beautiful wedding on the farm last week! I hauled cheap corn to Decatur last week, and I can see why corn prices are so low. There is a steady flow of corn being hauled to the processors, and harvest is still a few weeks off. I heard one elevator is getting ready to pile corn on the ground to make room for harvest. Glad I hauled most of mine back in January. Beans need a rain, and crops are being devastated by deer this year if it's anywhere close to the timber. Crops will be from terrible to average within Shelby County from what I have heard and seen. Have a safe week, and enjoy the Farm Progress Show.