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Doug Uphoff

Doug Uphoff farms between Shelbyville and Findlay, raising corn and soybeans.


Rain and more rain. We had 9.74 inches this month and had more than 5 inches last month. Beans are taking it on the chin, both in the field and in the pit with tariffs kicking in. I’ve never seen a trade war work in my days of farming. Saw my first tassel on the first day of summer. Corn looks good from the road, but plants in the wet holes are falling over and dying from excess moisture as are the beans. Fortunately, we had all our beans sprayed ahead of the rain, so weed control looks great. Beans have quit growing and are just trying to survive at this point. Be safe out there and have a good week!


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Post-spraying of beans, mowing of grass waterways and roadsides for hay, and grain hauling was on the agenda last week. Cleaning up spring equipment and getting ready to address fall equipment maintenance that hasn’t been done yet. I sure hope we can get this trade war taken care of because it’s costing us just as much as anything right now. Be safe out there. Please leave your trash in the car and don’t litter the roadsides with it.


We received anywhere from 1.0 to .35 of an inch of rain Thursday. Our biggest rain for the month was 1.75. At my house, we had 5.35 inches for the month. May 30 I had .5 of an inch of rain at the farm where dad used to live and a trace at my house. I know there are some in the county that had received only a half-inch for the month. There was quite a bit of urea and sidedress N put on last week. We had all our corn sprayed for the second and final time. Corn is V3 to V5 for the most part. Beans are starting to look better. We replanted a few more last week. Please check on the elderly during this hot weather. We lost a dear friend, Walter Ramsey, this week and are not sure what happened. Rest in peace, Walter. Please be kind and respectful to those around you. The world needs more of that!