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Shelby County

Doug Uphoff

Doug Uphoff farms between Shelbyville and Findlay, raising corn and soybeans.


Corn moisture is coming down along with the prices, although not quite as rapidly. I’ve heard of 30 percent corn, so we are a couple weeks off at least. We have water standing in the ponds, so it is still plenty wet. Beans have lots of pods and are showing signs of leaf cupping, but I’m not quite sure what’s causing that. Probably from the overabundance of rain. We are also getting signs of disease in the beans that looks like SDS. It looks like we have a good crop coming on. I did yield checks on corn, and it was all the way from 160 to 260 bushels, so it will be interesting to see what actual totals are. Have a safe week, get the equipment ready, and get some rest because we are going to have a lot of crop to get out of the field.


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State fair and vacations were on tap last week. Elliott spent the last few weeks hauling lime for fertilizer companies and corn for elevators that are obviously not going to be empty by harvest time. Spent more than a week traveling to Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Boston, Maine and Niagara Falls. Saw two major league ball games, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and attended church at the North Church where Paul Revere hung the lanterns. What a beautiful country we live in. Friendly people everywhere. Have a great week and stay safe. Harvest will be here soon.


We received a much-needed rain of 4 inches last week over about three days. Should help the beans. We need all the help we can get since the market is down about $2 per bushel. Corn is denting and should be good, just not convinced it will be as good as last year. Still getting equipment ready and spending some vacation days with the wife in the near future. My son, Elliott, was elected as a District 10 director of the Illinois Soybean Association. Couldn’t be prouder of him! Have a good week and be safe. Harvest is around the corner.