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St. Clair County

Dave Hankammer

Dave Hankammer farms in a partnership with his brother near Millstadt, approximately 20 miles from St. Louis. They produce corn, soybeans and wheat.


Winter has made a subtle appearance. So far, we have received approximately 0.1 of an inch of rain and snow mix. This is in addition to the approximately 1 inch of rain accumulated since my last report. Temperatures have cooled, with daytime highs in the 40s. There are still several fields of corn, soybeans and double-crop milo waiting for favorable conditions. Field conditions have become muddy. Since this is my final report for the season, I would like to say it has been honor to visit with you each week. I hope you had a good crop and enjoy the upcoming holidays. Be safe and see you next year.


Cool, rainy weather moved into the area Tuesday evening, adding to the haunting atmosphere of the holiday. It also rained Nov. 1, bringing harvest activity to a halt for the remaining crops in the field. We received approximately 2 inches of rain during a 48-hour period. Farmers had two to three days of dry weather prior to the rain. Soybean harvest was the priority, with a large number of acres being removed from the fields. Additional fields were seeded to wheat. Weather forecasts predict the beginning of November will have a wet start. Local grain bids are corn, $3.48; soybeans, $8.24; wheat, $4.86. Nov. 6 is Election Day, so please go out and vote. Have a safe week.


Weather fronts brought light showers and a change of temperatures that interrupted harvest late last week. Gusty winds brought freezing temperatures that ended the growing season for the soybean crop and allowed the green stems of the plants to dry down. Farmers harvested soybeans throughout the week. Even the double-crop soybeans are ready to be harvested. A final cutting of hay was made during the dry period. Several fields of corn are scattered throughout the countryside and waiting to be harvested. Local grain bids were corn, $3.24; soybeans, $7.81; and wheat, $4.53. Have a safe week.


Since my last report, we received light scattered rain Oct. 12 and again on Oct. 14. Left a total rainfall of .4 of an inch for the weekend. Combined with cool temperatures and overcast skies, harvest activities were impeded due to the damp field conditions. Soybean seed turned into swollen butterballs, and corn samples picked up one to two points of moisture above the acceptable dry standard. Farmers focused their attention on the remaining cornfields while waiting for the soybean fields to dry out. Combines started to roll in soybean fields by Wednesday of last week taking advantage of the dry weather, which returned for several days. Additional wheat fields were planted as soil conditions became favorable for tillage. Local grain bids are corn, $3.27; soybeans, $7.97; wheat, $4.71. Have a safe week.