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St. Clair County

Dave Hankammer

Dave Hankammer farms in a partnership with his brother near Millstadt, approximately 20 miles from St. Louis. They produce corn, soybeans and wheat.


On Saturday (Oct. 14), we received .5 of an inch of rain, which benefited recently planted wheat fields. Soybean harvest pace picked up last week as fields dried out. A significant amount of acres were harvested. Corn harvest has slowed since the focus has been on soybeans. Recently planted wheat fields appear to have good emergence with new seedlings turning uniformly green. Local grain bids are corn, $3.10; soybeans, $9.31; wheat $3.91. Have a safe week.


Very few soybeans were combined last week due to lingering wet conditions. Several fields of corn were harvested since this crop isn't as vulnerable to the damp conditions. Grain moisture ranged between 16 to 18 percent. Soil moisture remains low despite the light showers we have received. Farmers were able to do some light tillage on fields intended for next year's wheat crop and several fields were planted. Local grain bids are corn, $3.09; soybeans, $9.48; and wheat, $3.92. Have a safe week.


Bean harvest started after I submitted my last report. Moisture levels in the grain samples tested as low as 8 percent. Yields so far have been good. Double-cropped soybeans are quickly maturing. Corn harvest has made good progress since the moisture levels in the grain have dropped below 18 percent in early-planted fields. Corn plants in low areas of fields or replanted corn is still in the 20s. Yields so far have been average to good depending where the rain fell during the growing season. Recently, we received about .5 of an inch of rain in the form of spotty, scattered showers briefly delaying harvest. Local grain bids are corn, $3.03; soybeans, $9.12; wheat, $3.86. Have safe harvest.


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