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St. Clair County

Dave Hankammer

Dave Hankammer farms in a partnership with his brother near Millstadt, approximately 20 miles from St. Louis. They produce corn, soybeans and wheat.


Mother’s Day Weekend set the pace for the week as farmers pushed forward to finish corn planting. With dry conditions, fieldwork progressed at a rapid pace. Soybean planting increased. I’ve observed some fields where the bean plants were already a couple inches tall. Wheat fields fully headed out due to warm temperatures. Strawberry pickers, get ready. A local produce grower is advertising pick-your-own strawberries. Local grain bids are corn, $3.77; soybeans, $9.72; and wheat, $4.77. Have a safe week.


Another busy week passed for farmers trying to catch up on planting corn. We had some light showers May 6 and scattered rain showers midweek. Only a small accumulation of rain fell, causing only a brief delay in fieldwork. Temperatures this week reached the 90’s allowing newly planted seed to quickly sprout and grow. A few farmers have finished planting corn and have started planting soybeans. Emerging corn seedlings can be seen down the row in the earlier planted fields. Wheat fields are enjoying the warm temps and moisture. Seed heads are starting to emerge as plants seem to leap in height. Additional hay fields were cut during the dry period of the week. Local grain bids are corn $3.84, soybeans $9.90, and wheat $4.80. Have a safe week.


Last week was a very active one. Available anhydrous tanks quickly disappeared from suppliers’ yards as farmers took advantage of the dry weather to get fertilizer applied for the intended corn crop. Planters worked late into the evening to get corn planted before the next predicted rain showers. Even a field of alfalfa was cut and baled. This flurry of activity came to a halt when storms moved through the area early Thursday morning. Approximately 1.5 inches of rain accumulated. Local grain bids are corn, $3.84; soybeans, $10.27; and wheat, $5.17. Have a safe week.


Last week was a mixed bag of fieldwork and weather. After my last report, there was some burndown herbicide applied to intended cornfields as well as anhydrous ammonia and dry fertilizer applications. Corn was planted in several fields in the river bottoms. Even a field of cabbage had been planted on rolling hill ground. All this activity was short-lived as scattered rain showers moved through the area April 22. Rainfall varied from a few tenths to an inch. Cool, damp soil quickly turns muddy with the lightest of showers. Daytime temperature high was slow to reach 70 degrees Thursday. The wheat crop continues to look good as the plants are about a foot tall. Some yellowing spots appeared in some fields that may have a nutrient issue. Local grain bids are corn, $3.72; soybeans, $10; and wheat, $4.58. Have a safe week.