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Gary Steward

Gary Steward of Toulon Il., grows corn and soybeans, and custom farms with his son, David.


The word of the week was airplane, like in aerial spraying. Planes are putting in long days spraying fungicide and insecticides. Weekend weather July 6-7 was about as nice as it gets in west central Illinois in July. Beans are reaching R3 so lots of guys are spraying fungicide. Most are including insecticide, foliar feed and growth regulators. Monday through Thursday was hot and humid. No rain for the week.


Most corn has gotten to VT and is pollinating well. We had an isolated storm July 4, leaving us with 1.3 inches. Soybeans are growing above 2 feet tall. Lots of Japanese beetles around field edges, but not out in the fields. We will definitely include insecticide when we spray fungicides soon. We’ll start adjusting the wind damage in cornfields this week.


We finally dried out by late Sunday afternoon (June 24). Most spraying is done until the beans get to R2. I saw my first tassels Tuesday afternoon. About as early as I’ve seen in Stark County. Some of the corn that blew down has recovered somewhat. It all stood back up, but much of it is goosenecked with some green snap in it. The neighbors cut hay for the second time Wednesday. Lots of roadsides are being mowed. The yard needs mowed about every fifth day.


On Father’s Day weekend, the south part of Stark County received up to 2 inches of rain. We sprayed beans Saturday and finished Monday afternoon. Everything looks great here. Corn is nearly head-high, soon to tassel in a couple of weeks. On a little road trip Sunday (June 17), we couldn’t help but notice the pale brown tint on soybeans nearly everywhere. Hope they grow out of it. With another 1.5 inches of rain Tuesday that had wind with it, and more rain Wednesday, no one will be in the fields here for awhile. Hundreds of acres of corn were flattened by the wind.