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Gary Steward

Gary Steward of Toulon Il., grows corn and soybeans, and custom farms with his son, David.


We finished corn harvest Friday night (Nov. 3). We intended to cut beans Saturday (Nov. 4), but rain started early that morning, and we didn’t even attempt it. By Monday, it had dried enough that Stark County farmers went back to corn. We worked on cleaning and washing equipment for storage. Some guys tried to cut beans Tuesday, but they were 19 percent. They tried again Wednesday, and they were 16 percent. Harvest is wrapping up for most. Lots of tillage being done and NH3 application is going strong.


Lots of corn picked during the weekend that continued into Monday (Oct. 30) when soybeans got dry enough to cut that afternoon. We stayed in beans until Wednesday afternoon when it started raining again. Several farmers are finished with harvest and moving into tillage after spreading dry fertilizer. Anhydrous ammonia is being put down, too, as the race to get finished before Thanksgiving continues. We still need a good, dry day to finish soybeans.


Rain set in Sunday morning and continued through Wednesday. It only amounted to about 1.25 inches, but with cool temperatures and cloudy skies, it stayed wet. I don’t know of anyone who is finished yet here. The area is probably 65 percent done with beans, and 70 percent with corn. The local elevator was full of beans by Saturday night (Oct. 21), and is working on moving beans to make room for those still in the field. We got back to picking corn Wednesday and hope to cut beans by Friday.


Saturday night (Oct. 14), Stark County received 2.5 inches to more than 3 inches of rain. Most of it soaked in nicely, but combined with the previous rain Oct. 10, we had 5 inches of rain in a five-day stretch. Needless to say, no one did much until Tuesday when everyone picked corn. By Wednesday afternoon, most changed to beans. We found the ground still wet, but the beans were dry enough to cut. We need the rain predicted for the weekend to miss us. There are still many acres of beans to cut here.