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Stark County

Gary Steward

Gary Steward of Toulon Il., grows corn and soybeans, and custom farms with his son, David.


Saturday night (Oct. 14), Stark County received 2.5 inches to more than 3 inches of rain. Most of it soaked in nicely, but combined with the previous rain Oct. 10, we had 5 inches of rain in a five-day stretch. Needless to say, no one did much until Tuesday when everyone picked corn. By Wednesday afternoon, most changed to beans. We found the ground still wet, but the beans were dry enough to cut. We need the rain predicted for the weekend to miss us. There are still many acres of beans to cut here.


We received 0.3 of an inch during the weekend. It didn't slow harvest, except we picked corn instead of cutting beans. Everyone is harvesting now. Corn is slowly drying down. Our 112-day corn was just under 23 percent Monday. Tuesday afternoon it started raining, and we caught around 2 inches overnight. This was our first good rain in several weeks, and we appreciated it.


Anyone with mature soybeans was cutting them last week. A couple of friends finished with yields from 53 up to 80 bushels. We worked late Tuesday night in anticipation of rain. It rained, but not very much. Everyone just caught up on Wednesday with no combines running. Thursday morning, we went back to corn as many others did. The 110-day corn we are picking dried down 3 points while we cut beans. Later beans are coming to maturity, so we'll get back to them as soon as possible.


The heat wave really dried the corn and beans. By last Saturday (Sept. 23), many guys were cutting beans and several going in corn. We stayed in corn until Tuesday afternoon. We changed to beans then and cut a hopper full. They were just full of green pods, which we refuse to put in a bin. Lots of neighbors are cutting beans, though. We ran out of short-season corn, but the 110-day corn was 23 percent, so we stayed in that. Yields are better than expected, but not as good as last year.