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Stark County

Gary Steward

Gary Steward of Toulon Il., grows corn and soybeans, and custom farms with his son, David.


On Father’s Day weekend, the south part of Stark County received up to 2 inches of rain. We sprayed beans Saturday and finished Monday afternoon. Everything looks great here. Corn is nearly head-high, soon to tassel in a couple of weeks. On a little road trip Sunday (June 17), we couldn’t help but notice the pale brown tint on soybeans nearly everywhere. Hope they grow out of it. With another 1.5 inches of rain Tuesday that had wind with it, and more rain Wednesday, no one will be in the fields here for awhile. Hundreds of acres of corn were flattened by the wind.


Thursday (June 7) I hoped for some rain during the weekend. We certainly got our wish. Friday (June 8) we received about 1 inch; Sunday morning early, another 1.5 inches. No big storm, just rain. Lucky again, I guess. With that much rain, there wasn’t much spraying going on. The corn is waist-high and beans a foot tall. Let’s hope the 40-week cycle low has been established this week.


We managed to finish spraying corn June 2. Everything is still growing like crazy. Corn is growing out of some of its problems and has filled the canopy already. Reports from my hay baler friends say they had a great first cutting, although some of it was rained on. We started hauling beans to the Illinois River Monday. Soybean spraying started. Our earliest beans are close to canopy in 15-inch rows. With rain in the forecast for the weekend, we’re hoping for a couple of nice showers.


We had an inch of rain Memorial Day weekend. We managed to get our early corn sprayed Tuesday and Wednesday, so we’re caught up. Even with such a good start, we have some issues. Most hillsides look short on population, but I think we’ll grow out of that, especially when roots get to the nitrogen. An agronomist thinks the problem is from too much trash left on top of the ground. Scouting fields finds corn from 4 inches tall to more than a foot tall. There aren’t many weeds in the corn. Another .7 inches of rain Wednesday morning from Alberto will help. From Sparland east to the Lacon Bridge, water was flowing 2 feet deep over the road, washing a car off the road before it was closed for several hours.