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Wabash County

Kevin Raber

Kevin Raber farms near Browns in Wabash County. He is an original Cropwatcher.


Four tenths of an inch of rain helped the crops. We had been extremely dry with a lot of the corn rolling up during the middle of the day. Wheat harvest is mostly completed here with most of the double-crop beans planted as well. Wheat yields and quality were the best we have seen here in years. Yields in the high 80s and 90s were common. Hopefully, this rain will help the double-crops to emerge.


With scattered showers this week, some fields got up to a half-inch, while others got nothing. Early-season corn looks good, but in some of the areas that missed showers, there is some mid-day leaf rolling. I haven't cut any wheat yet, but some fields have been harvested. I haven't heard any info.


I have almost finished replanting corn, replanting beans and planting first-crop beans in the river bottoms. There are a few low areas that I have had to leave, but hopefully will get those spotted in within the next week or two. Early corn is beginning to look good, but there are still some fields that don't have a good, green color. It looks as if wheat harvest will be a couple of weeks away.


We had several days fit for fieldwork last week. Rain came again Wednesday. One inch pretty much stopped all field activities. I am caught up planting with everything except the river bottoms. I don't know how long it will take to dry out to be able to replant and finish first planting.