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Wabash County

Kevin Raber

Kevin Raber farms near Browns in Wabash County. He is an original Cropwatcher.


Wet weather kept us out of the field all week. There are still a few fields left to harvest, but we are mostly done in our area. We had a killing frost that took care of our volunteer corn. Now the only green fields we see are wheat fields.


It rained all day Wednesday. With rain predicted for the rest of the week, there won't be any field activities for a while. Luckily, I finished harvest Tuesday evening. Yields on my double-crop beans were excellent. They were better than some of my first-crop beans.


Rainfall of just more than 1 inch last week slowed most fieldwork. I got back to shelling corn Wednesday. I was hoping to finish, but they are calling for rain on Friday. The wheat is off to a great start.


Harvest is rapidly coming to a close. I'm down to my replant corn and double-crop beans. The wheat crop emerged quickly with good moisture and warm weather.