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Wabash County

Kevin Raber

Kevin Raber farms near Browns in Wabash County. He is an original Cropwatcher.


Rainfall of more than 4.5 inches fell last week. There were and still are a lot of flooded fields. Rain came so fast that it made washes in gravel roads. Some creeks, streams and ditches have receded, but several are still above flood. I'm sure many acres will be replanted. It may be too late to replant corn by the time it dries up. Wheat harvest will start as soon as the ground dries.


Last week, I reported that we received 3 inches of rain. Another 2 inches fell after that. It didn't take long to go from too dry to too wet. Warm days with low humidity has dried us out, but there are still water-logged areas. Spraying beans and top-dressing corn have resumed in the last few days.


I dumped almost 3 inches of rain out of my gauge Thursday evening. Rain during several days allowed most of the moisture to soak in with little runoff. Both corn and beans look good after a good soaking. Rain and wind was a little rough on the wheat. There are down spots in all of my fields. My wheat is fairly short, so I was surprised that it could go down.


Rainfall of 1/2 inch fell Friday (May 18). It was welcome, but we are still on the dry side. Some dry areas in corn and bean fields will need a good soaking to emerge. However, I’m sure this warm, dry period is just what the wheat needs.