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Kevin Raber

Kevin Raber farms near Browns in Wabash County. He is an original Cropwatcher.


Everyone has been busy replanting corn and beans, planting first-time beans and spraying. The early corn still hasn't gotten that dark green color and seems stunted by excessive rains. The Wabash River is going to go below flood stage this weekend. There will be many acres to replant in bottom area fields.


No days were fit for fieldwork last week. I got some spraying done before rains came again Wednesday night. I have had .6 of an inch of rain since Wednesday evening with a chance of more rain yet to come. All rivers are still above flood stage. The big Wabash crested Thursday. Hopefully, floodwaters begin receding.


Our nice, easy spring has come to an end. I've had rainfall of around 6.5 inches since my last report. We had lots of ponding from the first 5 inches, and now have water standing again after rain Wednesday night through Thursday. All rivers and creeks are above flood stage. Some are still on the rise with no estimate of when flooding will subside. It is still too early to estimate the number of replant acres in our area. My wheat is still standing, so hopefully, damage has been minimal.


There were several days dry enough for fieldwork before rain came Wednesday evening. Rainfall amounts of around .4 of an inch will keep us out of the field. Early-planted corn looks good, while the last planted has not emerged. There have been some beans planted, but I have not seen any emerged. The wheat crop is looking good. I applied fungicide and insecticide earlier this week.