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Wabash County

Kevin Raber

Kevin Raber farms near Browns in Wabash County. He is an original Cropwatcher.


The morning after I filed my last report, we received a little over an inch of rain. It soaked in quickly. The Wabash County Farm Bureau Yield Tour has been completed. The county average was 174 bushels per acre. That is about 7 bushels better than last year’s estimate. A big thanks goes to those who helped collect and tabulate the data for our county.


Rainfall of about .4 of an inch or less fell last week. There is still a chance of rain Friday, so hopefully, we can receive some more moisture. I haven’t heard any yield tour results. They should be starting anytime.


Rainfall amounts of around .3 of an inch fell last week. Overcast weather has helped conserve moisture, but we are still very dry.


Rainfall amounts of less than a quarter-inch fell last week. Our cool days helped conserve moisture, but the weather forecast calls for the return of summertime temperatures. Most field activities are finished. We are still doing a little spot spraying around bean fields.