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Warren County

Ron Moore

Ron Moore raises corn and soybeans on his farm near Roseville.


We missed a great chance for rain Wednesday night. It all either broke up or went around Warren County. No rain for three weeks now. Corn is curling every day, and my yard looks like it is August. Bean post-spraying is going on now. The weeds may not wilt, since they are not actively growing just like the beans. The pastures have not responded to the dry spell just yet. That may be another week from now.


No rain to report last week. That hasn’t happened since I started reporting this year. Crops look good here. Corn is growing rapidly, and the rows are nearly closed in. Post-spraying of beans is just starting. There was lots of mowing and baling last week. The pastures are in good shape for now. The forecast is for no rain and hot temperatures for the next few weeks. The markets seem to think the dry weather forecast will be a problem. Most farmers do, too.


We received .7 of an inch of rain last week. The volume of rain is getting smaller. Post-spraying and sidedressing corn is in full swing. The color is a healthy, dark green. The last few fields of soybeans are now in, and the emerged beans look pretty good considering the cool, wet weather we have had. The ticks are as bad as I have seen them. I have brought four in the house in the last month after checking cattle on pastures. Please be aware of those little critters.


It just keeps raining. Another 2.7 inches of rain last week. Still some beans to plant in this area. Corn is growing faster now with moisture and warmer weather. Weeds are growing just as fast. Post-spraying of corn should start when it stays dry for more than a day. Just a few fields of hay have been mowed and baled. Our cattle seem to be satisfied with the grass so far.