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Warren County

Ron Moore

Ron Moore raises corn and soybeans on his farm near Roseville.


No rain to report last week. Fungicide has been sprayed on the corn, and bean spraying will start this week. We are adding insecticide to the fungicide to combat Japanese beetles that are still flying around here. I spent last week in D.C. talking to administration officials and congressional leaders about the tariffs with China. Frustrating conversations. Still working to make them understand how devastating they are to farmers.


We received .4 of an inch of rain last week. Corn is now mostly pollinated and most fungicide applications are done. Soybean fungicide spraying should start soon. Grass in the pastures is now in the summer slump. We are checking cattle every day to make sure they are in the pastures and not the cornfields. We did spray a few acres for Japanese beetles, but they are not very active now so we have taken the insecticide out of the fungicide. Markets are reacting badly to all of the tariff talk and good growing conditions.


We received .1 inch of rain last Thursday. After 3 inches the week before, grass in the pastures has greatly improved. Corn has started to tassel and should be finished pollinating by next week. Beans have closed the rows on 30-inch rows and have started to flower. Still some Japanese beetles here, but not to threshold just yet. We will continue to scout for them. Some fungicide is being sprayed.


We received more than 3 inches of rain last week. It was extremely beneficial as we were getting very dry. Most of the corn in this area will tassel in the next week or so. Post-spraying of soybeans is almost finished. I have not heard of any dicamba-related issues so far. Let’s hope the education classes conducted last winter were helpful. There are some Japanese beetles in the area, but not as many as last year. We will keep a close watch on them.