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Warren County

Ron Moore

Ron Moore raises corn and soybeans on his farm near Roseville.


Harvest is all but wrapped up in this area. Only three fields of corn and one partial field of soybeans are left as I travel this part of Warren County. Yields were better than expected in this area. Surprising, since it was a challenging year weather-wise. We are still very dry. Tiles have not started running yet despite recent rainfall. Please give thanks for another bountiful year, and enjoy the upcoming holidays and spending time with friends and family.


We finished corn last Friday (Nov. 3). We received .2 of an inch of rain Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 4-5), so we started pumping cattle pits Monday. Most of the crops are out in this area, and some anhydrous is going on, along with dry fertilizer. Some tillage is going on as well. The ground is still dry and hard here. We will need lots of moisture this winter to recharge the subsoil. Overall, it was a much better year yieldwise than most folks thought. Prices still need some upward movement.


We finished harvesting soybeans Thursday and then moved right into corn. We did get .1 of an inch of rain Wednesday, and then some fog and drizzle after that. We should finish corn by the weekend and then onto cleaning cattle pits. Corn is 14 percent moisture right off the combine. Elevators in this area are just about full of this year’s crops. It has been a better harvest this year than many folks expected. Still a challenge to find any profits, even with the excellent yields.


We received 1 inch of rain last week. It stopped harvest until Monday afternoon (Oct. 23). We started soybean harvest again Wednesday morning. We should finish on the weekend and then concentrate on corn the rest of the month. Some dry fertilizer is going on along with some lime. A few folks are doing some tillage, but there are still a lot of crops left to harvest here.