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Warren County

Ron Moore

Ron Moore raises corn and soybeans on his farm near Roseville.


We received .3 inches of rain last weekend (Oct. 14-15). Some hail was reported in Galesburg and high winds in Monmouth. One of the fire stations lost part of a roof. No crop damage was reported. We started harvesting corn last Monday again, and on Wednesday, we returned to soybeans. Yields are still better than expected, and moisture is above 11 percent. The forecast is for more good weather, so harvest will continue at a fast pace.


We received 2 inches of rain last week. The most since the last week of August. It was then cloudy with cooler temperatures. We did not get back to the fields until Thursday. Corn is still yielding and standing well. The cover crops we seeded after the silage corn look very good. We planted some oats after soybean harvest on two fields. The rain should help with germination. We should get back to harvesting beans at the end of this week. Stay safe.


Only .1 of an inch of rain to report last week. That is the most we have had in the last two weeks. It is very dry. Bean moisture is below 10 percent. The upper 60s and low 70s are catching most of the yields – better than most people expected. Corn in this area is also better than most people were expecting. Yields in the 220 range, and now the moisture is below 20 percent. Stay safe and enjoy harvest.


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