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Ron Moore

Ron Moore raises corn and soybeans on his farm near Roseville.


We received .8 of an inch of rain last week. It was welcomed. The last of the crusted beans have emerged, and the stand looks good. The early-planted corn is now just about tall enough to start post-spraying. Last Wednesday was so windy that the thick dust clouds looked like a white out in January. You could not see 100 yards. Thankfully, it rained and stopped the dust from flying. We have not seen conditions like that in this area for many years. No hay is being put up yet.


I missed last week’s report due to planting fatigue. Or just plain forgot, not sure exactly what happened. Anyway, more than 4 inches of rain in the last two weeks. Not as much as some folks in southern Illinois received. But still, enough to cause some crusting, and then enough to soften the crust to let the corn and beans emerge OK. This area is almost done with corn and has a good start on bean planting. Some ponding in low areas may need to be replanted, but still too soon to tell. We moved the rest of the cattle out to pastures, and boy, did they enjoy the lush grass.


No report this week.


We received 1.1 inches of rain last week on Tuesday and Wednesday. We finished planting corn Monday (April 24) morning and started planting soybeans that afternoon. This is one of the earliest dates for us to plant soybeans. Let’s hope the seed treatment we used to prevent sudden death will work again this year. The corn population is just what we planted. That is unusual as well. The wet weather will let us finish building fence. Too much grass and not enough cattle on the pastures.