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Ron Moore

Ron Moore raises corn and soybeans on his farm near Roseville.


Just when we started to move cattle home from pastures because the creeks were going dry, we received 1.7 inches of rain last Monday (Aug. 20). The rain might be too late for the corn, but it will certainly help the soybeans. We will start chopping silage next week. That always brings more rain to deal with. Harvesting corn will start in earnest the middle of September.


We received .6 of an inch of rain last week. Much more was forecast, but like most of the forecasts this summer, it did not happen as predicted. We only have 19 head of cattle to bring home. Grass and water are in short supply right now. Corn is rapidly maturing with the heat and dry weather. All of it is dented and some is black layered. We should be chopping silage in a week or so. That is two weeks earlier than normal. Soybeans will benefit from the rain. The early-planted soybeans in this area are starting to turn color. Still too soon to tell if it was a good idea to plant soybeans before corn on those fields.


We received .2 of an inch last week. Not enough to put any water in the streams. We moved some cattle into the lot to drink well water. Corn is changing fast. The color is now a pale green and shucks are turning brown. The milk line is about halfway down to the tip on some of the early corn. Beans are starting to show signs of stress on lighter soils. Crops still will have a good yield, just not what most of us were hoping for in the spring.


We did not receive any rain last week. The creek finally dried up in one of the pastures, and we moved the cattle into a lot. We are now feeding hay to them. The corn is denting and showing some signs of drought stress. Lower leaves are turning a little earlier than they should. Beans are also under stress. Lighter soil areas are starting to change color. It is not maturing normally. Harvest is going to be underway earlier with the dry weather. Let’s hope the rains we received earlier this spring will hold us through the rest of the summer.