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Warren County

Ron Moore

Ron Moore raises corn and soybeans on his farm near Roseville.


We received more than 3 inches of rain last week. It was extremely beneficial as we were getting very dry. Most of the corn in this area will tassel in the next week or so. Post-spraying of soybeans is almost finished. I have not heard of any dicamba-related issues so far. Let’s hope the education classes conducted last winter were helpful. There are some Japanese beetles in the area, but not as many as last year. We will keep a close watch on them.


We received about 1 inch of rain last week. That made baling hay a challenge. Corn is fence post high and looks good for now. Yards have greened up since the rain. Beans look good as well. Post-spraying is still going on for beans, but sporadic since frequent small showers. Markets have reflected the overall good-looking crops.


We did not receive any rain last week. We are getting very dry here. Corn is rolling every day. Creeks are low and will run out soon if we don’t get any rain. Corn and soybeans are not growing at all right now. Post-spraying of soybeans is in full swing. In the next few weeks, we should know if the education programs for spraying dicamba have had the hoped-for result of no damage on non-Extend beans. Haymaking has been good with no rain, but the rest of the summer will be a challenge to get enough hay if we don’t get any more rain.


We received 1.4 inches of rain last week. An inch fell May 25 in about 30 minutes. Hot temperatures and windy conditions dried things out very fast. Corn post-spraying is just about done and soybean post-spraying is starting now. No pest pressure to report yet. First cutting of hay is just about done. Pasture conditions are good so far. We need a rain, but none is forecast for the next 10 days here.