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Ron Moore

Ron Moore raises corn and soybeans on his farm near Roseville.


It finally dried out last week after 4.5 inches of rain fell Sept. 6-8. We topped off the silo Tuesday and started combining corn Thursday. Moisture was 18 to 22 percent, depending on varieties. Yields were better than expected, and hopefully, that will carry on into the rest of harvest. We should have some soybeans ready next week. I have not heard any yield reports on soybeans. Please enjoy harvest this year, even with all of the stress of the markets.


We received 3.2 inches of rain last week. We finished chopping silage Tuesday. Wet weather has slowed corn maturity, and it will be a few more days before harvest will start. Early planted beans are close to harvest, but have not benefited from the rain. Still too soon to tell if that was the right move to plant that early.


We started chopping silage last Tuesday and then received over 2 inches of rain that night. It is still too wet to start again. I have not been able to report that all summer. Corn harvest should begin here in the middle of September. Beans will be later in September. Most folks here do not think this will be a record crop, just about average for this area. With the prices being offered now, we need higher yields and lower inputs for next year.


Just when we started to move cattle home from pastures because the creeks were going dry, we received 1.7 inches of rain last Monday (Aug. 20). The rain might be too late for the corn, but it will certainly help the soybeans. We will start chopping silage next week. That always brings more rain to deal with. Harvesting corn will start in earnest the middle of September.