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Carroll County

Leroy Getz

owns the Lucky Clover Dairy Farm near Savanna and is one of our original Cropwatchers. He and his son, Ronald, milk 90 Holstein cows and raise their own replacement animals. They also grow corn, oats, and alfalfa hay.


More wet days with rain totaling .8 inch last week. Corn harvest was mudded through on several days. The 2019 harvest will most likely continue through spring of 2020. So many weather records were broken this year that may stand for years to come. I don’t know where the corn yields came from, but surprisingly we averaged 217.5 bushels per acre. Forage production was short. Low dairy prices the first three-quarters of the year have finally come up. Those losses have removed two dairy farms per day in Wisconsin or more than 700 farms for the year. The old saying goes, “Wait till next year.” Have a safe winter and see you next spring.


Veterans Day snow of 5 inches with another 1 inch on the 14th brings our five snows’ total to 14 inches, and it’s only the middle of November. Soybean and corn harvest was at full pace before the snow hit. Hopefully, the pace can resume in a few days. I started this year’s report with “A year of decisions.” Little did I know there would be so many new things to decide: hemp farming, prevent plant, insurance options, winterkill of forages, to harvest and pay for LP or let dry in the field, and the list goes on.


Corn harvest continues even with some rain and snow. Fields are wet but are now starting to freeze. LP gas is in very short supply and empty tanks are stopping grain dryers. Some propane is coming from Kansas City. Soybeans were combined Wednesday and Thursday. Tillage and NH3 application are trying to get ahead of the frozen soils. There are still lots of crop in the fields.


Snow and cold sums up last week. Two to 3 inches of snow fell on the 29th and then 4-5 inches more on the 31st. Mother Nature's own nasty “trick or treat.” Combines have run when possible, but only in corn. Many acres of soybeans are under snow and will have to wait until -- whenever. We did finish our corn harvest before the snow came. We still want to bale more stalks for bedding.