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Fayette County

David Schaal

David Schaal raises corn, soybeans and wheat near St. Peter in Fayette County.


A few more farmers wrapped up harvest since my last report and most have finished. The year 2019 has been another to remember from the word go, with very wet spring, crops that went into the ground late, and by far, not in good soil conditions. Rain stayed with us after planting, which resulted in pretty decent yields. Everyone have a blessed and safe holiday season as the 2019 CropWatching season is complete for another year.


Harvest came to a halt Monday (Nov. 11) when we received about 3 inches of snow. After that, it turned bitterly cold for the middle of November. Some returned to the fields Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. There is still corn along with some soybeans to be harvested here in the county. Hoping the weather will cooperate for a few days or a week so producers can get finished up for 2019. As harvest lingers on for some, be safe.


Harvest is nearing completion for some farmers in this neck of the woods, even though there is still a lot of crop to be harvested in other parts of the country. I finished shelling corn Monday night. Those who still have beans to harvest have had to struggle with the weather conditions we have been having. It has been drizzling around the past few days and is not ideal for soybean cutting. Hoping the weather clears up and stays dry so everyone can finish up. Everyone have a safe week.


Harvest was limited here last week due to a couple rain events, which totaled 3 to 4 inches in the area. Some are finished with beans and a few are finished with corn, but still several acres to be harvested. Fields are now saturated and things could get interesting when trying to finish what's left. Due to the rain, the corn has picked up 1 1/2 to 2 points of moisture. The soybeans that had fungicide applied to them proved to be money well spent. Verdict is still out on fungicide applied to corn. As harvest continues and starts to wind down, be safe and have a good week.