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Iroquois County

Ron Haase

Ron Haase has been a long-time Cropwatcher and farms near Gilman in Iroquois County.


Due to a breakdown followed by wet weather, we weren’t able to combine corn last week. We were ready to go, but it rained again Thursday. We received .4 up to .5 of an inch of rain to keep the fields wet and muddy. We have the majority of our corn to harvest yet. Some soybean fields still remain to be harvested. Our 2019 soybean yields were 5 bushels per acre below our five-year average this year and the lowest in our last five years. Thus far, our 2019 corn yields are right at or slightly below our five-year average, and they are the lowest since 2015. Considering we didn’t start planting until May 25 and then had a very dry summer (55-60% of normal rainfall), we are pleased with our yields. Closing prices for Nov. 21 were $3.67, nearby corn; $8.87, nearby soybeans.


We resumed harvesting corn Thursday and a few others resumed Wednesday. The next problem besides weather and the wet holding/drying capacity is the lack of LP for drying corn, which will limit the harvest of wet corn soon in our area. Some soybean fields still need to be harvested. Closing prices for Nov. 14 were $3.74, nearby corn; $8.93, nearby soybeans.


We started harvesting corn last Monday and were able to go all week. Some locations are closing early due to reaching their daily capacity of wet corn. The corn we harvested ranged from 19% up to 29%. We targeted our driest corn and averaged 22.6% for the week. Soybean harvest resumed Tuesday. Soybean fields still remain. Tillage, strip-tilling, fertilizer applications and anhydrous ammonia applications also resumed Tuesday. Closing prices for Nov. 7 were $3.73, nearby corn; $9.04, nearby soybeans.


We finished soybean harvest Oct. 25. That was the only good day for field activities all week. On Oct. 26, we received a range of 1.2 to 2.3 inches of rain. That was followed up by another 1.2 of an inch on Oct. 30-31. Snow was the majority of the precipitation on the 31st. We were not able to start harvesting corn, although a few local farmers were able to combine corn on the afternoon of Oct. 29. Overall, soybean harvest is nearly 90% complete in our area. Most of the remaining acres of corn were planted in June. Closing prices for Oct. 31 were $3.85, nearby corn; $8.92, nearby soybeans.