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Jeff Guilander

Jeff Guilander farms with his father Ronnie Guilander and brother in law, Terry Hall. They grow corn and soybeans, and have a small cow-calf operation. Jeff is a former Jersey County Farm Bureau president, and he has been farming since 1994.


Looks like we may close the book on 2019 a little better than we did in 2018. With a small window of opportunity, applicators got rolling and kick-started the 2020 crop. Any progress was better than last year, and any little bit helps, so we will take whatever we can get to take some of the pressure off in the spring. A few areas are still looking to wrap up harvest, but conditions are not ideal. Crop years come down to memorable or not, and this is one we will remember for all the wrong reasons. Here is hoping that everyone gets a good chance to finish 2019, and with a little luck, gets 2020 started off on a little better foot. Enjoy the break. We earned it!


With a lot of determination and some luck, a lot of producers wrapped up harvest before the weather broke. A few inches of snow and single-digit temperatures make the progress that was made all the more valuable. Some areas may still need a few days to finish, but the end is in sight. A little fieldwork got done, but another window would really help out going into spring. Time to catch our breath, evaluate and start looking forward to 2020, and trying to get off to a better start.


After a wet start last week, harvest began to pick up speed as the temperatures dropped. Soybeans seemed to be the main target, as the days are getting shorter and the harvest window is becoming more difficult. Fields of corn keep shrinking with a few more producers wrapping up harvest. Fieldwork is challenging, but after the challenges of 2019, most are willing to push a little harder trying to take some stress out of the 2020 season.


If this was a video game, I think we just leveled up. More than 2 inches of rain fell last week making the next round of harvest a lot more complicated. That being said, looks like the 2020 crop will get off to the same start the 2019 did as fall fieldwork is going to be delayed. Add some below-normal temperatures and fall spraying, and fertilizer looks challenging. With the windows of opportunity getting smaller, it is setting up to be a long finish to the harvest season.