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Menard County

Carrie Winkelmann

Carrie Winkelmann farms with her husband, Kyle, raising corn and soybeans. Carrie also works as an agriculture literacy coordinator for Sangamon-Menard Extension.


I’m not even sure how to wrap this year up since we are far from being completely done with our job list for fall, but winter is upon us and thankfully, we got all of our crop out last week. There are still crops in the field in our area that are slowly but surely coming out. I wish everyone throughout the state good luck in trying to finish harvest before the worst of winter hits. We still have fertilizer to spread, fall herbicide to apply, and 2020 crop year decisions to make, although this year’s data is going to need an asterisk beside it. However, I am sure I won’t need one because 2019 is a year I won’t soon forget!! Best wishes for a safe end of 2019 and a less “exciting” and less stressful 2020.


Have I mentioned how crazy this year has been? Well, it just gets crazier … with a Halloween snow! So, we are waiting for the snow to disappear, with quite a bit of corn in the area still to come out and there are still a couple of bean fields left, too. Our air-seeded cover crops are looking good in the standing corn.


We finished with beans right before the half-inch of rain we received Sunday night that kept us out of the field Monday. We moved on to corn, and it is coming out of the field anywhere between 15-20%. Yields are average. I saw some anhydrous going on last week in the area.


The number of standing bean fields in the area keeps steadily decreasing while we all wait for nature to help dry down the corn. No anhydrous has gone on yet, but some fall tillage has happened in the area. Bean yields are off 10-20% from last year. I have nothing to report on corn as we are still waiting for it to dry.