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Jacob Streitmatter

Jacob Streitmatter farms near Princeville and raises corn and soybeans.


Harvest has finally arrived. Yields are all over the place along with moisture. Beans have been better than I thought they would be, although it does help I didn't have much hope for them. Corn is below our 5-year average. Wet spots are bad and then the light spots are burned up, which is hard on field averages. Have a safe harvest.


Soybeans are starting to turn around the area. They are some of the shortest beans I can remember. I have not found any April corn that has hit black layer. Not sure when combines will begin rolling.


Finally got the biggest rain since June sometime, about an inch. April corn might be too far along to benefit and June corn has a long way to go. Time will tell. Soybeans are short and have barely closed the rows. Looks good at 60 mph.


Record crop in the making. Basically no rain since the first of July. Good thing bumper crops don't need rain, but my yard sure does. Some areas were fortunate to get a decent sprinkle, but it wasn't widespread enough. Both crops are suffering. At first I thought this fall would be long, but now I think we might fly right through it.