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Shelby County

Doug Uphoff

Doug Uphoff farms between Shelbyville and Findlay, raising corn and soybeans.


Well, what a year. We just finished harvest last Wednesday. The 7 acres of replant beans tested 18.8, but we’re finished. The year began with rain and a little planting, then more rain. We had 31 inches from Jan. 1 to April 30, if memory serves me correct. Then we planted and it continued to rain, but rain makes grain, and yields were less than last year by far but better than expected. Then harvest came with higher moisture corn than we usually have, so we used a lot of LP, then snow came, yes snow, and we finished picking corn with snow-covered ground. Tillage isn’t finished but close, and NH3 hasn’t been applied on our farm yet, but hopefully, we can at least get crooked fields done and we’ll sidedress the rest. It was a challenging year, but challenges make you stronger and better prepared for the next one coming. Be safe, enjoy the holidays, and we’ll chat next year. Rain and snow are terrible four-letter words. We’ve had 45 inches of rain to date plus two tracking snows. Another year farming with dad and my son — blessed!!


On the cusp of finishing corn harvest for 2019. Still have fieldwork to do and anhydrous to apply as well as dirt work and tile repairs to be made. Most dry fertilizer and lime has been applied. Have a safe week. What a crazy year. Recap of the growing season next week. It very well could include four-letter words.


I must be tired or distracted because I sent my CropWatcher report to Farm Credit last week. Sorry. We welcomed my new granddaughter, Madeline Rose Uphoff, into the world Nov. 2. Congrats to my son, Elliott, and his wife, Hailey. We have a couple hundred acres of corn left to harvest and some patches of replant beans and double crop left. The chisel plow caught up to the combine before the rain event last month. We had 7.7 inches of rain in October with half of that during the last week of October. LP dryer gas is being used a lot this year and hard to get. So far, we haven’t had a problem getting what we need. We are still harvesting 22% to 23% corn, but a small portion has been in the lower 20s toward the end. We actually only saw corn drop four points in six weeks. Some anhydrous was applied before the rain in October. Have a safe week.


Crops are coming out fast, but not fast enough with June corn still testing in the high 20s. Beans are mostly ready with patches of green and replant beans still a ways off. We revived 2 inches rain last Friday that brought things to a stand still. Be safe!