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Warren County

Ron Moore

Ron Moore raises corn and soybeans on his farm near Roseville.


Cold, wet and cloudy days are not what we need to finish up tillage and clean cattle pits. We had .3 of an inch of rain last week. It will be a few days before we can go back to the field. The folks with crops left to harvest are able to go when we can’t haul. Let’s hope the weather helps them out so they can finish up soon. I am thankful we are close to closing out the 2019 growing season. Please enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with family and friends.


Lots of cold last week. Trucks and people were not working very well. We finished harvest Thursday. We will clean up the equipment and empty the cattle pits and do some tillage if the weather will cooperate. Harvest is about 90% complete in this area now. Just a few fields of June-planted crops left. The last corn we put in the bin may not get dried for a while. Not sure when any LP will be delivered. Hopefully, that logistics issue will get resolved soon.


We finished soybean harvest last Thursday and moved right into corn harvest. With some good luck and good weather, we should get finished this week. Then onto some tillage and cleaning the cattle pits. Harvest is close to 75% done in this area. Please stay safe as you finish harvest this year.


We had .5 inches of rain last week that turned into about 5 inches of snow last Wednesday and Thursday. It stopped all field activity. Temperatures were at record lows for the end of the week. Soybean harvest is about 50% done, but there is well over 50% of the corn yet to harvest. When the fields were dry, lots of NH3 was being applied. The retailers remember last fall and are trying to get ahead of the weather. Let’s hope the weather calms down so we all can finish this stressful year.